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Our main goal is creating a deep sense of relationship with our clients.

We do take care of people behind the business; we choose human warmth over numbers or data. We believe in personal contact with our partners made of Trust, Safety, Risk Control.

While financial services are getting more and more complex, and legal requirements more demanding, we keep on looking for new challenges.

We like to define ourselves an investment boutique, meaning we take care of our partners with tailor made solutions, to satisfy their unique requests every time and everywhere. Just like an Italian artisan, we realize products that fit perfectly with our clients’ demands, and are able to develop their business worldwide.

Prometheus offers solutions that focus on asset classes within which we are confident in achieving our mission: generating superior, long-term investment performance for our partners.

If you have access to wide network of high net worth individuals or corporate entities and you are willing for investment management solutions, we are your first choice.

Prometheus is the partner you were looking for and the one to associate with.


Our partners & custodians

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