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In any investment process there is one essential element not to forget: mutual trust. It can be achieved only through a long-lasting, personal relationship. That is our philosophy and our company vision, accompanying us during any transaction.

We evaluate markets and investment strategies from many different angles. We recognize the unique attributes and risk tolerance of each individual investor and give thoughtful consideration to allocation among the various asset classes. Our objective is to preserve and grow each client’s capital in a cost-effective manner.

Investment Strategy

An effective strategy translates your personal objectives into a strategic asset allocation. The first step is defining your personal goals and grouping them into three main categories: short, medium and long term.

In the short term, you will aim to maintain your lifestyle, with sufficient resources for future commitments. Over the medium term, you may plan to step back from active management or even sell businesses. In the long term, the key objective is likely passing on your wealth to succeeding generations.

Our approach to investment involves identifying the opportunity and defining new potential business. We aim to grow your capital whenever possible. However, during times of uncertainty and risk aversion we have the ability to increase exposure to defensive assets, with the aim of controlling volatility and protecting the portfolio.

Our asset allocation

An effective asset allocation strategy tailored on your individual situation is one key to long-term investment success. The asset allocation used today may not be appropriate for you in the future. This can be the result of economic fluctuations and/or changes in your investment objectives or your personal or financial circumstances.

For these reasons, we monitor your asset allocation periodically and rebalance your portfolio from investments in asset classes that have been in favor into investments in lower performing asset classes to ensure your investments remain in a suitable mix.

Our advisers will continue to oversee the investment of your wealth as a whole with your representatives, to ensure that it achieves your objectives – rebalancing the overall portfolio from time to time or taking advantage of new opportunities. Whatever degree of involvement you prefer, Prometheus has the right solution.

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