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Good decision-making requires timely, accurate and comparable data on investment performance. This is our motto, the vision behind our operating process.

Comprehensive Client Reporting

We offer our clients comprehensive, tailor-made financial reports that will allow you to control your assets and enhance their value.The data collected allows you to monitor the value of your wealth, manage risk, make comparisons necessary for decisions about investments and managers, and change strategy where appropriate. Therefore, you can be in control of your net worth, even if you use many managers to invest your assets.

Reports provide a summary overview as well as detailed analyses of asset classes and mandates compared to their respective strategic asset allocations and benchmarks. Comprehensive client reporting makes easier to manage risk, make compliance reports and provide data for tax authorities.

We can generate reports of any kind for regulatory authorities as required, including specific reports. Our standardized and simplified reports minimise any potential errors. We endeavor to adhere to the guidelines of the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS), which ensure fair representation and full disclosure in the performance presentations of investment managers.

Check your asset reports online

Everytime, everywhere, anytime… from now you can control and visualize your investment assets simply accessing to your private area. All you have to do is login to our web platform and enter in your client email address and password. You will view consolidated information online at any time and as often as you require.

Easy, secure, innovative… because our clients deserve the best.

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All solutions
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