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Asset Management

Asset management is perfect solution to handle your wealth while reducing costs, enhancing revenues and alleviating your administrative burden. We will take care of your portfolio focusing on offering the best efficient and comprehensive support.

A global custodian simplifies the safeguarding of your assets, which would otherwise be held by separate custodians in the countries where you invest. We choose our partners and our third party custodian banks only after rigorous scrutiny and careful selection, and monitor these banks on a regular basis.

Our commitment is clear: our clients and partner satisfaction. We believe mutual trust is the basis for a successful long-term partnership.

Why choosing Prometheus as Asset Manager

Prometheus will be your external asset manager, able to understand your need and to offer you appropriate solutions and ideas. You will benefit of the support of an investment manager with a very long-time experience, whenever and wherever you need.

You will have one specific representative, one advisor that will take care of your funds, reachable from 9.00 am to 10.00 pm, who will have the charge of all responsibilities. Your contact person provides investment advisory support. He stays close to you throughout the whole investment process, and he will counsel the best practice to follow by his long-time experience.

The process:
> Morning call/briefing
> Market updates during the trading day
> Elaboration of investment themes (ad-hoc and periodical)
> Switch suggestions/second opinions
> Company research and research analysis

Our business model aims to create solid synergies to give our clients benefit. We want to guarantee total independence, act in your best interest and a fully integrated trading service. That includes our proximity to the capital markets and a very well established global network of brokers, able to provide innovative solutions.

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