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Trading & Post Trading

We help our clients to safeguard and administer their assets around the world supported by network of global custodians banks and prime brokerage. We arrange custody with reputed and well-known custodians who provide a range of services that give you control over your investments and reduce administration costs, including investors with multiple managers.

Trading superior execution

To ensure that we respond efficiently to our custody client needs, all orders are channelled through a dedicated team of sales traders. They in turn are responsible for applying first-class execution principles across the whole product range: equities, fixed income, derivatives, structured products and mutual funds.

We guarantee first-rate execution services and seamless continuous coverage. We focus on high value-added sales trading providing our clients tailored services on-demand.

Our investors benefit from our extended network of rigorously selected counterparties, which ensures secure trading, whatever the market. We set our clients’ protection as the very first priority, trading prudently and never underestimating risk management. We work monitoring risk to make our partners feel secure and let them know their funds are protected and in safe hands.

We do offer fixed income, competitive executions and independent market views in order to achieve outstanding executions.

Matched principal broking

Prometheus enters into simultaneous or near-simultaneous purchase and sale transactions on behalf of its clients and is responsible for settlement. Primarily this is to provide access to clearing and/or maintain post-trade anonymity. Settlement risk to Prometheus is minimised with a ‘delivery versus payment’ settlement model (where delivery of the traded instruments, i.e. the change in their ownership, occurs at the same time and is dependent on payment).

Post Trading: Custody and Safe Protection

Our global custodian is the perfect figure to help wealthy investors administer their assets around the world. It simplifies the safeguarding of your assets, independently from the country you choose to invest.

All you need to know is that Prometheus entrusts only in selected banks, monitored with a regular frequency. We do take care of our clients’ interests and we put his safety first, always. Our custodians will handle many aspects of asset ownership. These typically include collecting income, settling trades, proxy voting and other corporate actions.

Additionally, our clients may choose their own asset managers and brokers, while also having simple and secure access via internet to a real-time snapshot of their portfolio.

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