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BeSpoke Investment Strategies

You will have the chance to decide the role to play in the whole investment, whether active or passive, you will be the lead character in the managing of your portfolio.

Tailored Investment Solutions

Our experienced team will take time to fully understand your current circumstances. Once all the objectives will be cleared, we will determine your risk tolerance and the most appropriate investment approach to safeguard and increase your assets. However, it is a continuing process and we will adjust investment route according to your changing circumstances.

Every portfolio has determined parameters, set at the very beginning. Portfolio mandates are given to our experts, responsible for discretionary portfolios of mutual funds, exchange-traded funds and other pooled vehicles. Our team operates on the principle of open architecture, selecting best-in-class funds.

For what it may concern external managers, we aim to identify those who are operating in a stable environment and whose talent is deployed in a sound and transparent investment process. Among these managers, we select top-performing funds with the appropriate size, track record and legal structure that satisfy our rigorous selection process.

We also advise on investments in bonds and equities. The equity component of a portfolio typically consists of longer-term investments in large companies with stable earnings, balanced by shorter-term positions in stocks that have been mispriced or have potential for recovery.

Special mandates fully customized

We design special mandates for client with particular requirements. These include also absolute return mandates, which aim to take advantage of volatile markets without being tied to a relative benchmark.

For returns over the medium term, we have flexible asset allocation mandates. They consist in investing in traditional and alternative asset classes while preserving a high level of liquidity.

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All solutions
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