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Investment Management

Our approach focuses on sustainable performance coupled with the prudent assessment of risk. We consistently consider your needs, wishes and expectations and use them as the starting point when providing investment advice.You decide on the level of support you would like to receive.

Integrated advisory services tailored to your needs

Our commitment to an open architecture platform means we will always seek the best-performing funds and the most skilled managers for your portfolio, even external professionals.

For each mandate,we will choose together the best person. We will support you with the selection and the interviews to the most promising specialists. Once the managers have been selected and mandated, our advisers will continue to oversee the investment of your wealth as a whole with your representatives, to ensure that it achieves your objectives – rebalancing the overall portfolio from time to time or taking advantage of new opportunities.

Advice on demand

Ideal for experienced investors who require a low level of interaction with a relationship manager but will occasionally request advice on single financial instruments. Advice on investment opportunities includes ideas for all asset classes, lists of companies raising new money and strategies such as enhanced bond portfolios and options investments. If you need to know more about a recommendation, or you wish to discuss it, our team is always available, to answer your questions about specific investments and portfolios and also provide analysis of the investment environment.

Managed mandates

These mandates invest according to specific grids with a tailored approach. You or your financial advisors, whose analysts, will manage your plan and managers will select appropriate investment funds or stocks to achieve your objectives. This choice demands the least intervention from you.

Advisory mandates

In this scenario, you will have by your side a client advisor to help with all your investment and who will work with you to develop an appropriate solution. Your portfolio will be daily monitored using a system-based approach.

These mandates are designed for people who want a more active involvement in the management of their wealth and it will enable you to take responsibility for implementing your plan, in partnership with our professionals. You will decide on your investments, have access to our financial research, and we will help you to identify investments that are consistent with your objectives.

Research and analysis

Our advisory team will providenews highlighting the major financial factsand events of the past 24 hours. We will also offer single-page recommendations on specific products within all asset classes on your request.

Our clients have free access to reports and research produced by our specialists, thus our portfolio advisory service is specifically set up to provide advice on each position in your portfolio.

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